What to keep in mind when buying swimwear for kids

Published: 17th May 2011
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With so much variety in the market - whether you're looking for your kids' favorite cartoon characters or something sporty with racing stripes, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

Buy The Right Size: The only way you as a consumer can go wrong when buying kids swimwear is to buy the wrong size. If your daughter's one piece is too big, she will spend more time trying to keep the straps up and less time having fun. The same goes for your son's swim trunks. If the child is worried about them sliding down to his ankles, he will be too self-conscious to focus on his swimming stokes. Buying too small brings out comfort issues - if it is too tight, your child could tear it, have trouble breathing or suffer from chafing due to tight elastic. Buy the right size - don't let them "Grow Into It"

Style: V cuts, shorts, briefs, bikini, tankini, one piece, skirts style ….whatever the style, comfort and confidence takes precedence. You cannot overlook the safety issues either. The longer or more flowing a skirt or shorts, the more likely they are to get stuck on a railing, ladder, corner etc. When the child is swimming, she shouldn’t have anything flowing after her causing distraction. As for the fabric, a combination of lycra and spandex is ideal - dries out quickly and feels very light and comfortable

Take your child with you when shopping for his or her swimsuit. This is not a standard collar Tshirt that you can pick up on their behalf. Maybe Dora was last week's favorite and this week's is Strawberry Shortcake. Or, maybe she'd like something a little more grown up, without a cartoon character at all. V-cuts, shorts, one piece, tankini – there are too many choices and your child must try them on to choose one that’s most comfortable in not just the size but the style as well.

Trying them on in a store before buying is the best assurance you will get the right size. If ordering online, be sure to check their exchange or return policy. When your child tries on a swimsuit in the store, remember to have them keep their underwear on and follow the same dressing room rules that are applicable for adults. Once he or she has the suit on, look for style and fit…and also look for signs of confidence. If your child acts embarrassed, uncomfortable or unusually shy, don't push to buy that particular suit.

Buying two sets isn't a bad idea, if your budget will allow. If your child spends just about every day in the neighborhood pool, multiple swimsuits will save you the hassle of washing and hanging out the same swimsuit time and time again.

Where to buy? You will find good quality swimsuits at well known sporting brands such as Reebok. All Reebok Junior Stores and Reebok flagship stores stock swimwear for children in the age group 4 to 12 years. Older children are likely to find their fit in small sizes of the adult swimwear range. Reebok’s range for boys includes v-cut and shorts style swimwear in graphic prints and solid colours, priced between Rs 699 and Rs 999. For girls, both V-cut and shorts style one-piece swimwear is available, ranging from Rs 1499 to Rs 1799. Reebok also has basic swimming accessories like swim caps and goggles.

Large department stores such as Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop and Westside also stock swimwear for children. Most large sporting goods stores have also started keeping swimwear and accessories.

Sun Protection

Sun protection, though previously unheard, is a concept that is gaining importance now in India. Experts tell us to never neglect the benefits of sun protection at an early age. A kid’s swimsuit should adequately protect your child’s developing skin, and should be teamed up with a strong water proof sunscreen. These days you can find suits that are made with UV shielding material. This fabric is designed to keep the rays out, while other standard fabrics do not offer this level of protection.

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